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I grew up in the small Southeast Texas Gulf Coast city of Groves, which is outside of Port Arthur. This home is therefore my entry for the Week 4 of 52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy and History.

Description of the house

Decorated for Christmas

My mom loved to decorate for Christmas, and the decorations were more elaborate each year.

There was nothing special about the house I grew up in. It looked like every other house in the neighborhood. Built in the 1950s, it was a three-bedroom, one-story frame house with a one-car garage and a picture window in the living room that looked out onto the street.

Does it snow in Southeast Texas?

Indeed it does snow on rare occasion in Southeast Texas. Here are a couple of photos as proof (just in case you don’t  believe me)!

Snow in Southeast Texas

My house during an unusual snow in 1973


Snow in Southeast Texas - street view

My dad standing in the snow in the middle of the street.

Is the house still there today?

Six months after Hurricane Ike blew through Southeast Texas, we drove through the area to see what damages had occurred to the area. While there, we drove by the house of my childhood. I knocked on the door of my old house to  let the new owners know why I was taking photos. To my surprise, the family who had purchased the house from my parents was still living there. And to my delight, they invited us in to see the house.

House in 2006

House in 2006

The family had made several structural changes to the house. As you can see from the photo above compared to the one below, the picture window had been replaced with two smaller windows. They had also removed inside walls to give the small home an open feeling.

My house

My house in its original beauty!

The big tree in the front yard was no longer there in 2006. My mother once recalled that my dad, who was from Georgia and new to the concept of hurricanes, had once stood in the front yard during the blinding rain of a hurricane while he held the tree in place to keep it from being blown away.

That tree grew tall and was a place for neighborhood kids to climb, and for friends to throw rolls and rolls of toilet paper during weekend “tee-pee” fun.

The layout of my street

My street was a laid out in a circle of homes, with only one way to get into and out of the neighborhood. This made it a quiet street, where kids could always play and ride bikes in the middle of the road without worrying about too much traffic.

Groves, Texas

My street in Groves, Texas, was laid out in a circle of homes.

About 52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy and History

For the third year, Amy Coffin of the We Tree Genealogy Blog has created 52 weeks of prompts for genealogy bloggers. The theme for 2011 is 52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy and History. These are shared on the Geneabloggers.com web site, hosted by Thomas MacEntee.

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  1. Wow, what great photos! Since we grew up in the same small town, these photos have special meaning for me. I remember that house well. It’s a place of happy memories for me. :) Thanks for sharing these. I look forward to seeing more of your personal genealogy posts.

  2. I enjoyed your story and your photos, Annette.

  3. Blue Eyes and Bluebonnets says:

    Dianne and Yvonne – thanks for visiting and for your nice comments! :)

  4. I remember that Thunderbird.

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