Barbie Doll Debuts: March 9

Today’s Geneabloggers prompt celebrates the debut of the Barbie doll, on March 9, 1959.

As a child, I played with Barbie dolls like every other girl I knew. My mom, a life-long doll collector, kept my Barbies and continued to collect more until 2007. I’ve been photographing them, along with her other dolls, and placing the photos here on Blue Eyes and Bluebonnets.

#5 Barbie (1961)

This was my doll as a child. Mom has her listed as #5 Barbie (1961). The clothing is Lady Guinevere from 1964-1965. I’ve always been fascinated with the Knights of the Round Table, so this has always been my favorite Barbie costume.

#5 Barbie
#5 Barbie

Lady Guinevere Barbie shoe
I really love the shoes for Lady Guinevere.

Mom’s Barbies

These are just some of Mom’s Barbies. Some day I hope to have them all photographd and online.

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