Sports Saturday: To Carl Armstrong, Best of Wishes “Rudy” York

My dad, Carl Armstrong, grew up in the Atco Village (Cartersville, Georgia), a mill village established by the Atlantic Transportation Company. The mill was purchased by Goodyear in 1928. The ATCO village was a close community of mill families, with a church, school, baseball and basketball facilities, a swimming pool, general store, barber shop, beauty shop, tennis courts and a laundry/ice house.

ATCO Baseball

My dad started playing on the ATCO baseball team in high school. Professional baseball player Rudy York also got his start on the ATCO team. He was older than my dad, but played on the same ATCO team as Dad’s older brother Johnny.

Best of Wishes, “Rudy” York

I recently found this treasure in my dad’s keepsakes. It’s a handmade card that must have been given to Dad when he left ATCO to pursue his own professional baseball career.

Front of card

Paper card shaped like an owl sitting on a baseball

Back of Card

There are several signatures on the back of the card. If you are from Cartersville and any of these names sound familiar, please add a comment and let to tell more about them!

  • Mary Etta Brown
  • Lion Ingram
  • Geraldine (can’t read last name)
  • Pauline Akins
  • Merritt
  • M. C. Cagle, Jr.
  • Gine Pone (guessing on this one) – wrote “Hell Armstrong – You can do it !!!”

Paper card shaped like an owl sitting on a baseball

About the ATCO Village and Rudy York

Sports Center Saturday

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