Birds of San Jose Island

San Jose Island is well known for its incredible opportunities for beachcombing and shelling. It is also a place to view shorebirds — Brown Pelicans, Snowy Egrets, Great Blue Herons, Cormorants, Seagulls, Ruddy Turnstones, Royal Terns and more.

We wanted to get to San Jose Island before anyone else, so we took the 8 a.m jetty boat. Brown Pelicans, Royal Terns and Seagulls lined the beach as far as the eye could see.

San Jose - pelicans and terns

Great Blue Heron

This majestic bird was keeping watch on the jetty as a Brown Pelican floated in the water nearby.

Heron and pelican on the jetty

Ruddy Turnstones

These small shorebirds were actively searching for food along the large boulders of the jetty.

Ruddy Turnstone
Ruddy Turnstone

Snowy Egrets

egret on jetty
egret on jetty
egret on jetty
egret on jetty


Seagull on wharf
Seagull on Jetty


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  1. great pictures. I have a favorite Old Blue Heron that is an all year resident at the man-made lake below our house. He is very large — and doesn’t migrate with the rest of the herons. Very regal.

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