Maritime Monday – All Dressed up to see “Old Ironsides” in 1932

To celebrate the bicentennial of the War of 1812, today’s Maritime Monday features photos taken in 1932 of my grandmother, my mother and my grandmother’s best friend waiting to tour the USS Constitution at the Port of Lake Charles, Louisiana.

Lucy and Berta Benoit visit USS Constitution in 1932

All dressed up to tour the USS Constitution in 1932 – My grandmother Lucy Courrege Benoit and my mother Berta Benoit.

USS Constitution’s National Cruise, 1931-1934

During the national cruise, which followed a massive restoration, hundreds of thousands of people waited in long lines for the chance to board such an important of America’s history.

Stops in Southeast Texas and Southwest Louisiana:

  • Beaumont
  • Port Arthur
  • Orange
  • Lake Charles
Roberta Laperouse and Berta Benoit at the USS Constitution in 1932

Roberta Laperouse, my grandmother’s best friend, with my mother Berta Benoit at the USS Constitution in 1932

USS Constitution in 1932

USS Constitution in 1932

1932 - long line

1932 – waiting in line to see the USS Constitution

Clippings from the Lake Charles American Press

The visit to Lake Charles by the famous frigate was widely celebrated and received a lot of coverage in the Lake Charles American Press.

Old Ironsides to Arrive in Port Lake Charles on March 20

The Lake Charles American Press ran lots of ads welcoming the USS Constitution to the Port of Lake Charles. The ad from Dr. Pepper is my favorite.

Dr Pepper Ad March 21, 1932

Dr Pepper Ad March 21, 1932

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  1. Great pictures! Old Ironsides has a special place in my heart — and it takes very little prompting for me to slip into those old words: “Aye tear her tattered ensign down, Long it has waved on high … ” Thanks for sharing these wonderful pics.

  2. Blue Eyes and Bluebonnets says:

    Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment!!

  3. What a fun posting! We were in Boston Harbor just a few days ago to see Old Ironsides and several other Tall Ships that were in town for OpSail2012. She still looks great, and there still are long lines of tourists waiting to see her. The Constitution took its annual turnaround sail in the harbor on the Fourth of July, and was accompanied by the Eagle, the Coast Guard training ship.

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