Mediterranean House Buffet – Pfantastic Pfood in Pflugerville

2012 Update: Sadly, this restaurant is now closed.

The menu says, “Fresh food made from scratch daily.” It should say, “Incredibly delicious fresh food made from scratch daily.”

We were driving around Pflugerville tonight looking for a place to eat. When we saw the sign for Mediterranean House Buffet, we knew we had to stop and check it out. The buffet in this family owned restaurant has lots of delicious items to choose from.

Mediterranean House Buffet in Pflugerville

The buffet consists of a cold and a hot section.  The cold section features various salads, the best dolmas I’ve eaten in a very long time, humous, tabouleh, baba ghanoush, cucumbers in a yogurt sauce, olives, and more. The hot section has green beans, eggplant, spinach, okra, chicken, lamb, fish, rice, kufta with potatoes, and more.

Everything in my plate was extremely delicious. The lamb was wonderfully flavorful and tender, the okra was especially interesting. Flavored with garlic, the eggplant was truly the best I’ve eaten anywhere.

Mediterranean House Buffet in Pflugerville

The owner’s son was our waiter and he was attentive and helpful. He brought some warm pita bread to our table as soon as we sat down. He also surprised us with this beautiful plate of rice and gyros. It was as delicious as it was beautiful.

When we were stuffed and thought we couldn’t eat another bite, our waiter brought a plate filled with baklava to the table. I’m a big fan of baklava and couldn’t pass this up. I am soooooo glad I decided to taste the baklava. It was perfectly sweet and flaky.

I truly love discovering family-owned restaurants where a lot of care and pride goes into the food and dining experience. This is one of those wonderful restaurants.

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