Fresh & Fit—and Breakfast All Day—at Mimi’s Cafe

The hubster and I were looking for a place to eat last Saturday that was between Ikea and the Round Rock Outlet Mall, and it needed to satisfy both our needs—great comfort food for him and something low-calorie for me. We had never been to Mimi’s and didn’t know what to expect. We found a staff that was extremely friendly and welcoming, and food that was fresh and flavorful.

Breakfast All Day

Mimi's Banana Nut and Chocolate Chip Muffin

Mimi’s Banana Nut and Chocolate Chip Muffin

Mimi’s serves breakfast all day, so the hubster selected the Monterey omelette—three eggs with bacon, avocado and jack cheese, served with a muffin, potatoes and orange juice. He chose the banana chocolate chip muffin and was delighted when he bit into a warm muffin with melty chocolate chips. I took a bite and was pleased to find that the banana flavor was not overwhelming. The omelette was perfectly cooked and the bacon was delicious (I also had a couple of bites of that).

Monterey Omelette

Monterey Omelette

Fresh & Fit Menu

Citrus Salmon

Citrus Salmon

As someone who has lost over 80 lbs. on Jenny Craig, I’m cautious when eating out. I usually stick to salads with grilled chicken and nothing else. I was extremely elated to find that Mimi’s has a nice selection of dishes that are 650 calories or less. I absolutely love salmon, so I selected the Citrus Salmon—grilled salmon with baby spring greens, strawberries and fat-free balsamic vinaigrette—for only 539 calories. It was really delicious and well within my calorie count.


Mimi’s also has a great selection of desserts. Hubster was stuffed, so he chose to take the Classic Ensemble of bread pudding, apple cinnamon crisp and a triple chocolate brownie home. He ate them later that evening and raved about them.

Free Muffins

Since we were Mimi’s Cafe newbies, the manager presented us with two huge muffins to take home with us. One of them was a fat-free blueberry muffin made with applesauce. How great is that? He also gave us information about joining the Mimi’s Cafe eClub, where we will receive a free breakfast and coupons. I’m going to sign up now!

About Mimi’s Cafe

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