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If one of these names is in your family tree, please let me know. We might be related!

NOTE: I just installed the WordPress RootsPersona plugin and am slowly adding my ancestors. Check back often!

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WingMalite abt 1869 - 5808
WingMarie Lucoser "Lucy" 18 Feb 1885 - 6 Sep 19425809
WingMillette abt 1869 - 5810
WingSilvanes 17 Jun 1877 - 9 Mar 19545813
WiseJoseph H 18 Oct 1793 - 03 Jul 18675814
WittAnna Hannah ABT 1725 - After 18055815
WittJohn 1699 - 4 March 17825818
WittJohn 1675 - 17515817
WittJohn 1645 - 17155816
WITTJohn IV 1726 - 18085819
WoodMary 25 Jan 1719 - 12 Apr 18095820
Wood HolmesMary 1635 - 16775821
WoolieverLillian Helena 20 May 1877 - 12 Oct 19295822
WozencraftMartha S. 25 FEB 1851 - 16 Sept 19265823
YoungbloodEdna Elizabeth 4 Feb 1853 - 28 Jan 19418933
Displaying 3121 - 3135


  1. Hey there! I really like your blog!! My name is Kelley, and I am from San Diego CA. I have BIG roots from Louisiana and am a proud Cajun! My parents moved to San Diego while my Dad was stationed here serving in the Marine Corps. A few years later, I came along! Going back to LA never seemed to happen the way they had originally planned, a new way of life had taken and I guess it really grew on the them. I am now 33 years old, married with 2 kiddo’s of my own. I have been borderline obsessed with Louisiana for over 10 years now – Just reading about the culture, the history, the family genealogies – it all just moves me more than I can really explain. It’s as if I can feel the connection that I have to it deep in my bones. Out here in San Diego, my last name is not at all common the way it is in LA and TX. In fact, these San Diego folk all seem to have a real time spelling and pronouncing my last name, “Broussard”. (One of your surnames!) I learned a few years ago, after a massively extensive ancestral research that my Uncle had taken on, that I am a 7th generation descendent of Joseph Broussard dit Beausoleil!! I am so ridiculously proud of this fact that I can barely even stand it!! I would love to hear more about you – and your family lineage! Wouldn’t that be crazy if we are somehow connected? :)
    Kelley Broussard

  2. Annette Rodrigue Corkern says:

    I am so enjoying reading up on relatives.

    My mother is Mildred Courrege Rodrigue – daughter of Lucien & Theresa Drouet Courrege.
    My father, Raymond Philip Rodrigue – son of Philip & Irma Pesson Rodrigue

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