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If one of these names is in your family tree, please let me know. We might be related!

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BenoitFrancois Rosamond 14 Jul 1816 - 20 Jul 18166144
BenoitFrancois Xavier 2 Mar 1779 - 31 Jul 18236145
BenoitFrancoise ABT 1693 - 17556146
BenoitHelen Louise 7 Jun 1930 - 8 Jan 19996148
BenoitHelen Nora 17 Jan 1906 - 30 Apr 19416149
BenoitHenry Earl 02 DEC 1922 - MAR 19346150
BenoitIda A 2 Feb 1895 - 10 October 19646151
BenoitIda Marie "Minke" 4 Nov 1900 - 15 Dec 19806153
BenoitIrene Marie 19 Feb 1910 - 22 Oct 19506154
BenoitIva A abt 1898 - 16 Jun 19636155
BenoitIvy - 6156
BenoitJacqueline 1673 - 17556157
BenoitJacques 1 JUL 1850 - 6158
BenoitJames Morgan - 6159
BenoitJean 1681 - 17726160
BenoitJean 1707 - 17526161
BenoitJean Baptiste Dec 1836 - 15 Feb 18946162
BenoitJean Théophile Oct 1863 - 6163
BenoitJeanette Marie - 6164
BenoitJeanne ABT 1692 - 6165
BenoitJesse Jun 1895 - 23 May 19706166
BenoitJohn 4 July 1868 - 10 December 19466167
BenoitJoseph 1772 - 18516169
BenoitJoseph 31 May 1927 - 31 May 19276168
BenoitJoseph Anteall 22 Jun 1895 - 07 Aug 19766170
BenoitJulian 8 Apr 1879 - 30 Dec 19596171
BenoitJulian 1847 - 18906172
BenoitLeland J 15 Jun 1942 - 13 Jun 20036173
BenoitLenora 9 Dec 1901 - Dec 19806175
BenoitLeo Alfred 7 May 1902 - JUN 19876176
BenoitLeroy 19 July 1912 - 3 November 19616177
BenoitLillie Mae 5 Oct 1905 - 5 Sep 19746178
BenoitLiving - 6179
BenoitLoney Elizabeth 16 Mar 1914 - 28 Jul 19966180
BenoitLucien 20 May 1892 - 29 December 19706182
BenoitLucille 25 Apr 1901 - 23 Jun 19806183
Displaying 321 - 356


  1. Hey there! I really like your blog!! My name is Kelley, and I am from San Diego CA. I have BIG roots from Louisiana and am a proud Cajun! My parents moved to San Diego while my Dad was stationed here serving in the Marine Corps. A few years later, I came along! Going back to LA never seemed to happen the way they had originally planned, a new way of life had taken and I guess it really grew on the them. I am now 33 years old, married with 2 kiddo’s of my own. I have been borderline obsessed with Louisiana for over 10 years now – Just reading about the culture, the history, the family genealogies – it all just moves me more than I can really explain. It’s as if I can feel the connection that I have to it deep in my bones. Out here in San Diego, my last name is not at all common the way it is in LA and TX. In fact, these San Diego folk all seem to have a real time spelling and pronouncing my last name, “Broussard”. (One of your surnames!) I learned a few years ago, after a massively extensive ancestral research that my Uncle had taken on, that I am a 7th generation descendent of Joseph Broussard dit Beausoleil!! I am so ridiculously proud of this fact that I can barely even stand it!! I would love to hear more about you – and your family lineage! Wouldn’t that be crazy if we are somehow connected? :)
    Kelley Broussard

  2. Annette Rodrigue Corkern says:

    I am so enjoying reading up on relatives.

    My mother is Mildred Courrege Rodrigue – daughter of Lucien & Theresa Drouet Courrege.
    My father, Raymond Philip Rodrigue – son of Philip & Irma Pesson Rodrigue

  3. Biddie Hebert says:

    Hello. i live in Reserve, Louisiana (near New Orleans), but I grew up in Lake Charles, Louisiana. My Maternal Grandfather was Edgar Bailey from Vinton, and my Maternal Grandmother was Virginia Myers Bailey from Esterwood. My Grandpa built wooden derricks for Mr. John Geddings Gray at Ged. He passed away Dec 31, 1962. My Mother and all her brothers and sisters lived on Mr Grays property that they paid $1 a year to stay on. They were all born out there. My Grandmother died on the property Dec 1932 when my Mom was 12, so I never knew her. I was told that she helped cook and feed the work crews on the ranch. If you happen to have any pictures of that time,or any information about it, and those things, I would appreciate it if you could email me at least one picture or any info you may think would be relavent. I’ve never seen any pictures of Ged, except one picture of my Mom and one brother in front of that Post Office everybody talks about. I looked through your family tree and do not think we are related, as none of the names seem familiar.
    If you need any info I may have, just ask, and I would be more than happy to share. Thank You for your consideration in this matter.
    Biddie Hebert

  4. I am researching the Roussell family of Chacahoula and New Orleans, LA for a friend. Her grandfather was Sidney Lawrence Russell, Sr. Looking for info on the Roussel/Russell families of that area.

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