Treasure Chest Thursday – Cyprien Duhon Land Patents

Land patents under Presidents Lincoln and Grant for land sold to my ancestor Cyprien Duhon! These are the family treasures for my very first Treasure Chest Thursday post. I spend a lot of research time following online links that lead nowhere, so I felt like I had won the lottery when I discovered copies of these two documents online.

Land patents are the legal documents that transferred land ownership from the U.S. Government to individuals. Both of these patents were for land in Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana.

Cyprien Duhon (1803-1878)

Prien Lake in Lake Charles, Lousiana, was named after my ggg-grandfather Cyprien Duhon. I’ll write about him in future posts. Until then, visit his page on, if you want to learn more about his life and family.

1861 Land Patent Under Abraham Lincoln

Cyprien Duhon Land Grant Signed by Abraham Lincoln

Cyprien Duhon Land Patent

Abraham Lincoln's Signature

Land Patent

1877 Land Patent Under Ulysses S. Grant

Cyprien Duhon Land Title Signed by Grant

Cyprien Duhon Land Title

Ulysses S. Grant Signature

Land Patent

For more information about Land Patents, visit the National Archives.

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  1. This is so interesting! Those are real treasures, indeed!

  2. If this document is real Cyprien Duon was my father’s Great Grand Father, he changed his last name to Duhon after the silver war!

  3. Blue Eyes and Bluebonnets says:

    Todd, Thanks for commenting. After looking at this again, I am not sure who actually signed the documents. However, the documents are real and they are from the U.S. General Land Office Records. Looks like we are related! :)

  4. Nick Duhon says:

    Did Cyprien own slaves? I ask because my father did some research on his father, and so on and he traced it back to the Prien lake area. My father was born in Lake Charles, and his father was born just south of it. Im just trying to trace my folks, thanx!

    • Of course he did ! He owned 11 slaves in the 1850 census, all of them listed as mulattoes. I’m french and i have done a lot of genealogical search on the atakapas indians who lived near prien lake. The former slaves of cyprien duhon lived in their neighborhood and one of them (cyprien or prien)had children with an indian woman. I have a lot of documents on these people (joseph duhon and lise, their sons, alexandre, cyprien and his wife victorine, Lucien and his wife catherine foreman, théodule and his wife, catherine Lebleu, Norbert, joseph, Celise and their numerous children).
      I will be glad to share with you all these informations !

  5. Claudia says:

    Yann, I would be interested to see what information you have. My mother is a Duhon (her father is Stafford Duhon, son of Francois Duhon Sr, one of the sons of Cyprien Duhon). Cyprien’s father was Joseph Duhon. Please feel free to contact me.

  6. Jennifer Duhon says:

    Hi All,
    I am another Duhon cousin. I am descended from Joseph Alexander whose father was Alexander and grandfather was Joseph Duhon. Joseph Duhon was a free mulatto as early as 1850 but I believe the rest of his family were slaves. Joseph Alexander’s mother was Elizabeth Gauthreaux. Elizabeth was a slave of Cyprien’s and nursed Joseph Villior when he was a child. I have land documents that attest to this. I also have a slave bill of sale where Cyprien purchased a mulatto slave named Hyacynth, her three year old daughter Lise and an infant boy. I believe that three year old girl is my great-grandmother Elizabeth Gauthreaux. On a side note to Todd. The correct spelling of Duhon has always been Duhon. It is pronounced Duon as the “h” is silent in French. English speakers really butchered the French names. You should see the many spellings of Gauthreaux. My tree is on and is public.
    I look forward to meeting y’all!

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